YouTube star Megan Batoon speaks out on mental health awareness: 'You are not alone'


YouTube star Megan Batoon is encouraging her hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers to be there for one another in an effort to raise awareness for mental health.

In a video titled "you are not alone." that she posted on June 12, the actress runs through helpful pieces of advice that she has for her fans that may be feeling down and lonely or struggling with depression.

Included in the list of things that Batoon points to in the 10-minute video are thanking people who have done something nice for you in the past, reaching out and telling someone that you miss them, making plans and sticking to them (don't flake!) and going to a therapist to simply talk out your thoughts, whatever they may be.

She adds that even just a quick FaceTime call can be the trick to avoid feeling lonely.

Megan Batoon has over 800K subscribers on YouTube and has racked up over 60 million video views on the platform, where she posts weekly lifestyle videos.

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