'Tag' stars Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm and more recall the fun on set


Based on five real-life adult men who go on a crazy game of tag for each year for one month, the new movie, "Tag," brings their incredible tradition to the big screen in this comedic delight.

Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Hannibal Buress and Jake Johnson recently discussed the film at BUILD Series and recalled some memorable moments they had on set.

The cast was fortunate to get a chance to meet their real-life counterparts. Hamm, who plays Bob Callahan in the film, told the audience, "These are real adults with jobs and families and careers...and like they still make the time to be in each other's lives in this way." He was touched to see the bond the men had with each other. The actor was also astounded that these men go wild for one month -- and then go back to normal for the rest of the year.

Hamm noted that the "comedy comes from a real joy and it's not this competitive and mean-spirited [movie.] It doesn't have this cynical bone in its body." He added, "It's dirty, yes, its language is a little salty but the actual comedy is kind of really sweet. It celebrates the real story of these friends!"

The heart of the movie is about staying connected amongst your friends. Helms loved the spirit of the movie, saying "it had the same effect" on him. He experienced the "feels" after hearing the true story which made him want to reach out to old buds of his after making the movie.

"It's a Trojan horse because it looks like this big, sort of silly comedy but it also has this really nice theme of staying connected over long periods of time and long distances," Helms told.

On the comedic side of things, the antics you can expect to see in this high stakes game of tag were so extreme that Jeremy Renner fractured his arms on set while performing a stunt. Renner, who plays Jerry Pierce, dished about the unfortunate injury:

"I suck apparently at stunts. It was an unfortunate event and on the third day of shooting, I created more problems than there needed to be. The film was already difficult. I didn't mean to break my arms. But, we got through it. We got all the guys helping out and the crew and everyone...we got through it all right."

Johnson, who plays Randy "Chilli" Cilliano, gave credit to his co-star Renner for hanging tough that day when he got his injury.

"He broke his arms in the beginning of the day, went to the hospital, took X-rays, he got two fractures and came back that night and kept shooting."

Renner humbly responded back saying "I mean all I had to do was throw doughnuts at this beautiful man, [referring to Helms.]"

"WITH BROKEN ARMS RENNER! You're missing the obvious part of this. Throwing doughnuts is easy but it's hard with a broken arm," Johnson rebutted.

With a movie like "Tag," you would expect the obvious and ask did the cast play tag in between takes?

Helms denied that saying "they did that all on camera" but the camaraderie between his castmates was still evident away from the set.

Buress, who plays Kevin Sable, did however tried to get a game of "Duck, duck, goose!" going on during their lunch breaks "but nobody would play," because Helms thought "it would be weird."

In another recent BUILD interview with the guys' co-stars, Leslie Bibb and Annabelle Wallis, the ladies talked about the fun they had with each other on set.

While there weren't any true games of tag going on, they did tag team on other activities off and on set including shots and spontaneous dancing!

"Tag to the shot bar, tag to who could make it to there faster after work," Wallis said.

"Rosé tag, tequila tag!" Bibb added. "We did a lot of dancing. This [movie] was really fun, we were this big group [of actors]...not a jerk in the bunch! We had a good time on the movie."

Later in Bibb and Wallis' talk, the ladies proposed an interesting question to their male co-stars which was "Which living person would you love to play tag with?"

The guys each took turns revealing their choices on who they would want to play tag with.

Johnson broke the rules and went with the late Eric The Actor from 'The Stern Show' because he was a hilarious character and also for the fact that he was always very angry and would always get the raw deal a lot of times.

"Fareed Zakaria, he's a CNN guy... he's a brilliant guy and it would be fun to play tag with him. It would [also] be fun to have a glass of pinot and just break it down and figure out what's wrong with the world," Helms revealed.

Buress picked Pistol Pete Maravich but in the spirit of the rules, he changed it to Wiz Khalifa "because if you caught him, he'd probably have edibles."

Renner went with a more absurd answer in his selection as he picked Godzilla or King Kong or even a velociraptor in addition to Hamm's suggestion of The Hulk.

Finally, Hamm picked LeBron James because he thought he "would be a fun hang," and he would be like "what's it like to drop fifty in game 1 and still lose?"

"Tag" is now in theaters nationwide.