How celeb dads really want to spend Father’s Day: Watch!

They’re just being honest! Gene Simmons, Jack Osbourne and Kevin Jonas are just some of the celeb dads who revealed to Us Weekly what they want for Father’s Day. And their answers might surprise you! So put down the ties, socks and golf clubs and watch the exclusive video below to hear what they have to say!

Jack Osbourne
“I just like hanging around, doing the barbecue, pool party thing. That’s my vibe. And we’ll do it again this year,” the TV personality told Us. “It’s kind of what we’ve done every year, so it’s nice. A bunch of my friends have kids now, so they’ll probably come over and we’ll get stuck in.”

Fredrik Eklund
“My ideal Father’s Day would be kind of like how my birthday was in April where the kids come to bed early in the morning and we just lay there cozy all four of us,” the new dad and Million Dollar Listing New York star said. “Actually, six of us, with the dogs. We eat breakfast in bed and watch TV and just cuddle up. I can’t wait.”

Todd Chrisley
The Chrisley Knows Best reality star didn’t hesitate with his response: “My ideal Father’s Day would be having all of my children in one room so that I could leave.”

Matthew Rhys
“My ideal Father’s Day would be not to be reminded that I am a father,” The Americans star and partner to Keri Russell quipped. “And for all children to stay as far away as physically possible from me as they can.”

Howie Mandel
“Just to spend time with the kids … not mine,” the America’s Got Talent judge joked. “Just spending good alone time. I love spending time alone, with me. I love me, I am a huge fan of mine. And on Father’s Day, if everybody would just leave me alone, and let me just enjoy this, that would be a great day, wouldn’t it?”

Gene Simmons
The Kiss frontman choked up when he told Us: “It ain’t about things, you can buy that in a store. But your family’s love, especially your kids. It doesn’t come in a can, it doesn’t come on a store shelf. My ideal Father’s Day is any day with my family.”

Kevin Jonas
“My ideal Father’s Day is just a day at home, barbecuing, have everyone hang out,” the musician said. “Just get to chill out with the family, but you gotta have a barbecue involved.”

Sean Lowe
“I would just say spending time with the family. I know that sounds kind of cliché but we live in a neighborhood where there are a lot of things that are walkable, and so I love to load Samuel up in the stroller and walk him down to the doughnut shop,” the former Bachelor gushed. “Just the two of us, do that father-son bonding. Little special moments like that are important for me, so that would be a good Father’s Day.”

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent
“I mean we’re tired, we wanna do nothing,” Berkus explained. His design partner and husband of four years added, “I would like them to sleep until 10:00 a.m. I don’t know what I would do with myself!”