Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent on the 'responsibility' they feel as a gay couple in the public eye


Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent recognize the responsibility they have as a gay couple in the public eye.

The "Nate & Jeremiah By Design" stars, who recently celebrated their four-year wedding anniversary, opened up to at Huggies Made By You's celebration in honor of the birth of their son, Oskar, about the impact that their position in the spotlight could have on LGBTQ youth.

"We’ve always felt a responsibility, and that was to live authentically," Brent told us. "[We want to] be who we are -- and that’s the good, the bad and the everything. It’s about living in that vulnerability, which we do as people and we try to do publicly now, as well. We definitely think about it all the time, and I hope that’s a conversation that changes and is very different 10 years from now. I think it will be."

Berkus, who became a household name through frequent appearances on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," echoed his husband's sentiments and referenced an insightful Oprah quote that he keeps top of mind.

"You never know when you live your lives publicly who you’re reaching," he said. "Oprah used to say that all the time: ‘You never know who’s listening to you when you’re talking on TV.’ We don’t take ourselves super seriously in that we don’t see ourselves as these amazing role models, because we're just people. But we both walk around feeling the weight of that responsibility."

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And it's when they hear from fans first-hand on social media that Berkus and Brent are reminded about the importance of not only accepting that responsibility, but fully embracing it for the benefit of others.

"On our social media [accounts], we hear more often than not, ‘I’m a kid living in blank, I never thought I would see a family like yours. I never thought that it would be okay, but seeing you do these things has given me hope and courage,'" he said. "After that, there’s nothing else that matters."

The interior designers, who told us that they're "soaking up every moment" of their new life as parents of two (in addition to son Oskar, they also share daughter, Poppy), chose to align with Huggies because its mission falls in line with all that they strive represent together.

"This is a really beautiful chapter to show people that our family was made by us and on our turns. We’re aligning with companies that share that intention of celebrating individuality," Brent explained. "It’s a big deal for kids to look up and see a family that they didn’t think they could have, and see that it’s okay. This brand sees them and supports them and that’s a big deal."

"We want people to see that we are just like every other family," Berkus added with a smile.

Their partnership with Huggies is to help launch the brand's first-ever personalized diaper line, Huggies Made By You, that allows customers to custom-design diapers with monograms or names, which Brent described as "the perfect marriage of personalization and practicality."

"It’s our job as designers to notice details," Berkus elaborated. "We can’t turn that part off when we’re in pursuit of beautiful things and meaningful things on a constant basis. It’s what we go antiquing on the weekend searching for. This opportunity is really exciting, because it’s so amazing to be able to hold a product that someone can personalize something that can mean something to them."

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