Pamela Anderson defends Russia and Julian Assange: 'I've spoken at the Kremlin many times’

Pamela Anderson offered a vigorous defense of Julian Assange and Russia Tuesday evening, telling Fox News host Tucker Carlson that she often jokes about U.S-Russia tensions at the Kremlin — where she apparently speaks often.

“Everyone likes to blame Russia when anything goes wrong in America and I’ve spoken at the Kremlin many times and the last time I was there, — there was something happening — and the first thing they say to me is ‘oh what have we done wrong this time,’ said Anderson.

“America likes to blame them for everything,” said actress who also called allegations that Assange and Putin had collaborated to throw the 2016 U.S. presidential election to Trump “crazy.”

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Anderson explained that she traveled to Russia frequently as part of her work with animal rights and that Putin was very concerned about the issue.

As for the Wikileaks chief now under house arrest in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London? Anderson said he was just a misunderstood soul and that his mother knew best.

“Assange is just an incredible person. If you read anything that his mother says about him — that’s kind of an interesting source to go to — he’s always been like this. Since a child, he’s been worried about doing the right thing. And I think he’s very brave.”

Assange fled rape allegations in Sweden six years ago and has avoided deportation to that country or potentially the United States by hiding out with the Ecuadorians.

Once lauded by liberals as a free speech advocate exposing government secrets, Assange became a lightening rod for his role in releasing emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Many pointed the finger at Russian involvement aimed at tipping the scales in favor of Trump.

It is known that the RNC was also hacked during the same period but the files pilfered there were never released.

You can watch the full Fox News interview here.

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