Busy Philipps is calling out Variety for uninclusive panel of female TV writers


After Variety organized an upcoming panel called "A Night in the Writers Room" and released their list of guest speakers of TV writers, Busy Philipps is calling them out for gender disparity. The panel which will consist of six drama writers and six comedy writers only includes one female writer -- Gemma Baker of the CBS show "Mom."

After a running list of ideas mentioning Tina Fey, Issa Rae, and Shonda Rhimes, Philipps took to her Twitter account to share them publically with Variety and credited Google search with her suggestion list.

Once again, we've learned that the power of social media is no joke! Just moments later Variety tweeted out an apology for their 'egregious oversight.'

While the outlet says they are working on updating the list of speakers, we look forward to seeing which leading ladies will be part of the upcoming event.

Girl power!