Alexandra Daddario has the best beauty trick for when she's 'feeling lazy'


Alexandra Daddario is a self-described germaphobe and, as one of Hollywood's most in-demand actresses right now, the rising star is constantly traveling, staying at hotels and spending long days on set, a lifestyle that puts her at ample risk of getting sick. recently caught up with the "Baywatch" actress over email while she was hanging out at the Kleenex Cabana at the 2018 Governors Ball music festival this past weekend, where we asked her about how she avoids getting sick, living a healthy lifestyle and which beauty tricks she has picked up from her years of working on Hollywood sets.

Check out our full conversation with Alexandra Daddario below:

You're a self-described germaphobe: Where are you most cautious or cognizant about cleaning and avoiding germs?

In hotel rooms, the TV remote control and when I travel -- the tray table and armrests. It gives me peace of mind [to clean], and I'm lucky that I rarely get sick.

How much do you worry about eating heathy and staying active?

I think that it is good to find a balance in life. I love working out, but we all need to give ourselves a break every now and then and skip the workout and have an ice cream sundae. I think it's about finding what works for you without stressing yourself out.

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You're at Governors Ball with Kleenex. Do you bring Kleenex Wet Wipes with you when you're on set?

Yes, I bring them with me! Being a germaphobe, it's great to have a soft wipe that won't dry out your skin. You can't afford to get sick when you're working on a film, because you can't miss a day.

How do you spend your downtime on set in general?

I nap, or meditate, or chat with cast and crew. I'm so lucky to do what I do and to meet all different kinds of people from all over the world. I love getting to know new people, so it's always fun to spend time with the people you're working with.

As an actress, you've obviously spent a ton of time on TV and film sets over the years. What beauty tips and tricks have you picked up that you've continued to use?

Always take off your makeup! Kleenex Wet Wipes are super gentle and have no harsh chemicals, so they are a great way to wipe your makeup off when you're feeling lazy.

They also give us hot towels at the end of the day on set, which helps get the top layer of makeup off and open your pores to get all the makeup that's been on your face after 12 hours off. Going to sleep with makeup on isn't great for your skin, so I try to make it a habit to always take it off.

What's your everyday beauty routine like? If you're not working, how much do you worry about wearing makeup?

I don't wear much makeup when I'm not working. A little mascara and a little concealer -- if I need it -- goes a long way. I wash my face in the morning, moisturize, and since I live in SoCal, I always wear sunscreen because we are lucky to have perfect, sunny weather almost every day.

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