Kevin Hart recalls how he helped Tiffany Haddish when she was homeless

Kevin Hart has had Tiffany Haddish's back for a long time.

"I've known Tiffany for years man. Years! I'm beyond excited [for her]," Hart said Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. "I knew Tiffany when Tiffany was homeless. Tiffany was living out of her car and nobody knew. She was trying to keep it a secret."

Hart recalled to host Jimmy Kimmel that he found out his friend was without a home she wouldn't tell him where she lived. That's when he got out his wallet and gave her some money.

"I was nowhere near Kevin Hart today and in my pocket I had $300 and I was like, 'Here. I don't know what your situation is, but hopefully this can do something for you in this time because I feel like you're not telling me something,'" the 38-year-old comedian shared.

Hart said it wasn't until some time had gone by that he was made aware of how much the money meant to Haddish.

"I later found out that the money she took, she went and got like a motel, was able to stay there for like a week, use a proper bathroom. Never told me," he said. "Never told me for years. Other people muttered the rumor. Tiffany got successful, took the story, I found out that [she] wrote in her journal about the relationship with me and her. How I acted as a piece of motivation in stand-up comedy because I simply uplifted her every time we saw her. Told her she was funny. Told her she was going to be a star."

Hart was right! After a breakout year in 2017 -- when she starred in Girls Trip and hosted Saturday Night Live -- Haddish is now acting alongside Hart in Night School, out Sept. 28. Hart, who wrote and produced the film, quipped to Kimmel that he is still waiting for Haddish, 38, to repay that $300.

"Until this day, until this day, she's yet to bring up the money to give it back," he joked. "I don't want to make a big deal about it because look it's one of those things where I'm waiting on her like to say it. When she says it, I'm like, 'Alright, yeah, you should!'"

On the set of the film back in April, Haddish and Hart spoke exclusively to ET's Kevin Frazier about their friendship.

"I have known Tiffany for quite some time. Very talented comedian, now turning into an actress," Hart said in praise of his friend. "At the success of Girls Trip and seeing how she pops in a film, we felt that adding her to the cast was a magnificent bonus."

Haddish also had nothing but glowing things to say about her co-star and pal. "The truth is that Kevin is one of the most motivational, spiritually inclined people that I know," she gushed. "He teaches me so much about this business and how to conduct myself in such a way, because you know I'm from these streets, so he's teaching me to be street smart, but don't be street up in here. So I'm learning a lot and I'm so grateful he's teaching me how to count money and... and how to get celebrities to come hang out."