Alicia Silverstone opens up about motherhood after divorce filing

Alicia Silverstone is one proud mom. The actress opened up about motherhood during the premiere of her new show American Woman in West Hollywood on Thursday, May 31.

“The whole idea is that you love and attach to them so much so that they’re free to be and leave. It’s heartbreaking, but you have to,” the actress exclusively told Us Weekly of the day her son, Bear, grows up. “My kid’s so fiercely independent because he was right here all the time,” she added, pointing to her heart. “He’s so great.”

On whether she’s a protective parent, she replied: “I think I’m really just a mommy. It’s hard to know if you’re doing something wrong.”

Silverstone, 41, portrays Bonnie Nolan in the new Paramount Network series, a mom who is raising her children while struggling with a divorce and focusing on her career. The Clueless star herself just filed for divorce from her estranged husband, Chris Jarecki, earlier this month.

The exes announced their split in February after 20 years together and Silverstone filed for divorce earlier this week. They welcomed Bear, now 7, in 2011.

“I’m always bringing all of myself to every single part that I play, because obviously that’s what I love to do,” Silverstone told Us. “I read the script and loved the story and thought it was great … I just fell in love with the role, I thought, ‘What an incredible role for an actress to do, to get to be so many different things and to get to be so strong and so vulnerable.’ She goes through so much and she’s just fighting for her life.”

American Woman is inspired by the childhood of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards.