Kathy Griffin unleashes tweetstorm about Trump ‘punching down’ to hurt her

Kathy Griffin went on a marathon Twitter session Wednesday night while warning against the dangers of the U.S. having a president who “decided to punch down and use his following to go after” her.

“One year ago today my Trump photo was released. I have planned on doing this thread for a while but the fact that Sarah Sanders brought my name up at the podium today makes it even more appropriate for me to share some thoughts on what happened,” she said.

The comedian said that the infamous photo shoot last year involving a bloody Donald Trump head was “not an elaborate setup,” but a last minute decision.

“The photo shoot for the Trump mask photo was actually for new photographs for my tour/headshots etc. We decided to do the Trump mask shot at the last minute,” Griffin wrote in a string of messages that were alphabetized.

“My assistant went out and bought a $10 dollar halloween mask and ketchup…that’s it. This wasn’t some elaborate setup.

“Did I know the photo would cause controversy? Of course..but I thought it would be a one or two day thing,” she said. “My point was to do something provocative in an attempt to keep the spotlight shining on his sexism. In my mind that’s the role that comics are supposed to play…”

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However, in the aftermath of the scandal, Griffin lost a number of jobs including on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper and multiple live gigs.

“The shows were cancelled because the President of the United States and his family were offended by an image I released and decided to unleash an army on me,” she said. “That’s what’s not right..that’s what I object to. I’m an adult, I can deal with fallout..I’ve dealt with it before..”

Griffin went on to defend her right to defend herself against a president who abuses his power and a first lady who questioned her sanity.

Earlier on Wednesday, Griffin had stern words for White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders after she invoked Griffin’s name during a press briefing.

“B–, do not come for me,” she wrote to Sanders on Twitter.