Whoopi Goldberg slams Roseanne Barr for retweeting 'horrific' altered photo of her on twitter

Whoopi Goldberg hit back at Roseanne Barr on Wednesday, after Barr retweeted an altered image of Goldberg on Twitter, in which The View co-host appeared to wear a shirt depicting President Donald Trump shooting himself in the head.

The tweet Barr retweeted read, “Out of curiosity @ABC & @Disney this is okay with you? Hypocrisy on the Left is sickening! Your Pathetic! #BoycottABC #IStandWithRoseanne" alongside the photo. Barr has since deleted the retweet.

Goldberg addressed the tweet on Wednesday during The View, and explained the origin of the false photo.

"In her Twitter rant following the cancellation, she also retweeted a false picture of me, so here we go again," Goldberg said. "Here is the truth about the shirt I was wearing at the Women's March in New York. It clearly says, "And you thought I was a nasty woman before? Buckle up, buttercup.' Now, some bonehead Photoshopped a horrific image on the shirt and she retweeted this."

Goldberg then said Barr only had herself to blame for the highly rated Roseanne reboot getting canceled thanks to her racist tweet.

"So this is what I'm gonna say. Roseanne, just because you were caught with your pants down, don't try to drag other people down with you, you understand?" she said. "Don't do that. Because there are times when you gotta suck it up because you stepped in doo."

"It's easy to do because it's red meat," Goldberg added. "I didn't fake my shirt. Someone else faked my shirt. But that's your tweet. That tweet came from you. So, that's yours. You did this to yourself."

Goldberg's co-host, Meghan McCain, also defended Goldberg on Wednesday.

"Last night, I was talking to my husband, and he told me there was this fake tweet of you and a tweet about you, and I get so angry because obviously it's fake and a load of crap, and this is not about being a conservative," McCain said. "This is about you being a racist and that's what happened. And I am a vociferous defender of the First Amendment and free speech, but I will say this is not about speech, you can say anything you want, but we work for a corporation and there are values in which we adhere in this corporation and if you are no longer a part of that then you are gone."

On Tuesday, Barr apologized to Roseanne's cast and crew after the show's cancellation thanks to her racist tweet about Barack Obama's former White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett, reading, "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj." Barr has since blamed the comment on tweeting while under the influence of the prescription sleep aid Ambien.

"Don't feel sorry for me, guys!!" the 65-year-old outspoken comedian wrote, also apologizing to Jarrett. "I just want to apologize to the hundreds of people, and wonderful writers (all liberal) and talented actors who lost their jobs on my show due to my stupid tweet."

"Hey guys, don't defend me, it's sweet of you 2 try, but...losing my show is 0 compared 2 being labelled a racist over one tweet-that I regret even more," Barr added in another tweet.