Justin Bieber says he plans to grow his hair down to his toes -- see the pic!

Justin Bieber is working on a different look -- but it may take a while.

The 24-year-old singer took to his Instagram Story on Monday to show off his longer locks and reveal that he's planning to grow out his hair... like, a lot.

"Long hair don't care and my stash is gorgeous," he wrote alongside one selfie, with a pencil graphic pointing to his mustache. "I'm going to grow my hair down to my toes," Bieber captioned another pic, showing his hair slightly past his famous "Baby" phase and approaching his chin. It seems we'll have a few more years before the singer reaches his next iconic hairstyle.


The "As Long as You Love Me" singer has gone through several different looks in the last few years. In 2016, before growing out his locks, he was sporting a blond buzz cut -- and dating Hailey Baldwin. The two split just a few months later, and in a new interview with The Times UK, Baldwin revealed that they're finally friends again, after some initial "weirdness."

"Justin and I were friends for a long time," she said. "I met him when I was really young and he was one of my best friends. Everybody knows that at a certain point in time that turned into something else, but that just happens when you're 18, 19. It was what it was. We went through a long period of time when we weren't friends. We didn't speak for quite some time and there was a lot of weirdness that went on. We've moved past that."

"I'd never been through [a high-profile relationship] like that," she continued. "But it brought both of us to the realization that we just work much better as friends. He's somebody I really cherish. Now it's a very mature situation. It's good."