Ellen Pompeo said her purse was stolen in Italy: 'I blame the rosé!'

Ellen Pompeo's Italian vacation took a turn for the distressing this week — but thankfully she knew how to handle it.

The "Grey's Anatomy" star, 48, revealed Friday on Instagram that her picturesque trip to Florence was interrupted by an attempted robbery.

"My purse was stolen from right under my nose!!" she wrote on the platform, joking: "I blame the rose!!"

Of course, the highest-paid actress on television isn't one to sit idly by: She got the local police involved and started "chasing" down the thief by tracking her own cell phone.

"Grazia to who ever stole it for dropping it on the street exactly in tact," Pompeo continued. "I was tracking my phone and chasing you down... had I caught you... it would not have ended well for you..."

She also explained (while using some Italian and a helpful camera emoji) that the thief had likely been captured on camera: "Also I hope you were smiling because e Sarai catturato perche sei in macchina ... please forgive my horrible Italian."

Pompeo thanked the Florence police for their help — and one of the Italian police forces even re-grammed her post to their own official page!

"#Thankyou @ellenpompeo #greysanatomy," a post from the Polizia di Stato read. "Happy to know the #police in #florence helped you."

We are, too! And a PSA to thieves everywhere: Don't mess with Ellen Pompeo!

We hope the rest of her well-deserved vacation goes smoothly; the actress did seem to be enjoying herself based on her earlier Instagrams. (See above!) But should anything else happen, "Grey's" co-star Giacomo Gianniotti is on the case.

"C'mon Ellen!" Gianniotti, who plays Dr. Andrew DeLuca, commented on her Instagram post. "You didn't hit up your boy for an Italian translation? Haha I'll be there in July and I'll be on the prowl for your boy, he don't stand a chance."

It's a tempting offer. Still, we have a feeling Pompeo — who is ingraining into her daughters the importance of speaking up and calling out injustices — will be just fine.