Brooke Shields and Ashley Graham star in new swimsuit campaign


Swimsuits For All, the swimwear company who is known for their all-inclusive sizing, tapped 52-year-old actress and model Brooke Shields, 30-year old supermodel Ashley Graham for their new 'Power Suit' campaign.

"The campaign seeks to inspire all women to feel just as confident as they would in their professional wardrobe. Women typically feel insecure or oversexualized in a swimsuit and this campaign showcases how women of all ages, races, and sizes can feel just as powerful in their swimsuit as they do in their professional attire," read a statement from the brand's press release.

The images feature four independent and inspiring females from all different races and ages owning their bodies and femininity.

"Working on this campaign with Swimsuits For All was inspiring to me because each one of these women is remarkable," says Brooke. "Growing up under such scrutiny led me to feel insecure about my looks. Over time, I was able to find confidence in myself through my work, my passions, my network of strong female role models and my journey through motherhood. And now, after 50 years in the spotlight, I can confidently say that my 'Power Suit' is being in my own skin, showing my body and not hiding it. I loved being able to share that with these women who have also come to that realization."

Other notable people featured in the campaign are Angela Simmons, 30, professional swimmer Pat Gallant Charette,67, and 37-year-old Nurse Practitioner Katie Duke. Shop our favorite styles in the gallery below!