See the first look at ‘Family Feud’ with the Kardashians, Wests, And Jenners!

The first look at the Kardashians, Jenners, and Wests on Family Feud is finally here! And it looks like the family members are getting super competitive. “I’m here to win, bro,” Kanye tells host Steve Harvey.

In one of the clips, shared by Kris Jenner on Instagram, Steve asks what makes him a good kisser. Kanye hits the buzzer and shouts, "lips!" as Kendall and Khloé crack up behind him. "I'm here to win, bro," the rapper says. "I'm here to win."

"Who is this next to you?" Steve jokes at one point, gesturing to Kim standing next to Kanye.

The whole family is competing on the show! Even Kris's mom MJ is on the team. Although Caitlyn Jenner, who isn't speaking to most of the family, doesn't make an appearance.

When things start to get heated between the family members, Steve says, "I have a feeling when this game over, it 'aint gonna be over."

The episode — which was filmed before the drama with Kanye's breakdown and Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloé — airs Sunday, June 10.