Royal wedding: Internet falls in love with Prince Harry's hot cousin, Louis Spencer


The royal wedding may have been the Harry and Meghan show, but one of Harry's royal relatives may have low-key stolen the show on his big day!

Prince Harry's cousin, Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, 24, was photographed arriving to St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday morning alongside his mother, Victoria Aitken and sisters Lady Eliza and Lady Kitty Spencer. The three siblings share father Charles, Earl Spencer -- the late Princess Diana's younger brother.

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When Louis walked into the wedding, the internet fell instantly in love with the man who is next in line to the earldom. The former University of Edinburgh student clearly inherited his former model mother's good looks -- and people on Twitter definitely noticed.

"Someone needs to set me up with Harry's cousin, Louis Spencer," someone tweeted. "I think I'm ready for marriage."

"If any of my friends know Louis Spencer now would be a good time to set me up on a blind date," someone else posted.

"If Meghan Markle’s circle of friends can hook her up with Prince Harry, I’m going to need to find a circle of friends who can hook me up with Louis Spencer," another user joked.

Someone else who has noticed his dashing charm? Rapper Nicki Minaj, who welcomed Louis to a concert over three years ago. Minaj posted a photo with Harry's cousin backstage on her Instagram.

"Check out our wedding photo," she joked. "No honestly, it was such an honor to have you guys."

The best part of all of the hoopla around the late Princess Diana's nephew, Louis Spencer? He's single!

See photos of Louis Spencer's sister, Lady Kitty Spencer:

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