Find out who got Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton on the dance floor at royal wedding reception (Exclusive)

Cocktails, fireworks and drinking games!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding reception was one big party and ET got the scoop on what went on behind closed doors, who spun the tunes that got everyone on their feet and which Hollywood hunk summoned Meghan and Kate Middleton to the dance floor.

Around 200 guests let loose at Frogmore House on Saturday evening, where royal expert Katie Nicholl says lucky invitees were told to arrive in their dancing shoes and expect endless champagne.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were not at the exclusive shindig, which was instead hosted by Prince Charles, who greeted guests on arrival alongside his wife, Camilla, Prince William and Kate.

Once inside, the fun began!

“Drinks were served, [including] a cocktail, When Harry met Meghan, which was apparently a rum and ginger infused cocktail,” Nicholl says. “Soho House helped with these inspired cocktails and then a sit-down three-course meal, washed down with vintage champagne. After that, and after those speeches, was when the celebrity guests [and] the rest of Harry's closest family and friends could actually let their hair down, dance and enjoy the very special part of the day that they had been planning for a long time.”

Indeed, with Harry having earned the nickname “Prince of Fun,” he and Meghan made sure guests would have a fabulous time and Meghan even brought America's favorite drinking game, beer pong, into the mix.

“This is a couple who wanted to put their own stamp on the wedding,” Nicholl says. “They wanted to have a bit of fun, play a few games and both of them seem to have a thing about drinking games. One of the games that they did play on Saturday night was called beer pong -- whereby pints of beer are lined up, you have to throw a ping pong ball into the pint of beer and if you get it in, the opposite team has to drink those pints. Apparently this was the source of much hilarity and it probably comes as no surprise that the best person at that game was Serena Williams.”

While the tennis pro aced beer pong, Nicholl says actor Idris Elba got behind the decks to spin some “soul classics,” which got everyone on the dance floor.

And, naturally there was a dance off!

“It might come as a surprise when it comes to a royal wedding, but there was an impromptu dance off,” Nicholl dishes. “James Corden managed to get Charles, William and Harry up on the dance floor before the night was out. And, George Clooney, who I think summoned both Meghan and Kate to a bit of a boogie on the dance floor. Quite unexpected when it comes to a royal wedding, but I think that was the happy marriage that we saw of royalty and Hollywood.”

It was Clooney who Nicholl hears was one of the “last partygoers standing,” and as the dancing continued, ladies were supplied with slippers to change into for relief from their stilettos.

The glamorous affair concluded with a spectacular fireworks display, which Nicholl witnessed from Windsor town and described as a “riot of color.”

“Prince Harry loves fireworks!” Nicholl explains. “He really is a big kid, so one of the things that he really wanted was for the big night to end with a big bang. A huge fireworks display went off just before midnight, if you were in Windsor town, you could see up in the horizon. It must have been an incredible experience to have been there and seen such a wonderful display. It really did mark the close of a very special evening. Although, it continued for a few hours after that.”


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