'Dancing With the Stars' finale recap: Did the right athlete win season 26?

The three remaining athletes on Dancing With the Stars‘ 26th season have plenty of medals and trophies to show off at home. But which one will have to clear some shelf space for the Mirrorball?

The ABC reality competition wrapped its blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, all-athletes edition on Monday night with an ultra-quick season finale. (A one-hour episode with no filler? Incredible!)

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Dancing‘s finalists — Tonya Harding, Josh Norman and Adam Rippon — each got two more chances to prove they should take home reality TV’s shiniest trophy, first with a traditional ballroom routine, then with a freestyle to close the show. Here’s where they stood with the judges after each performance:

* Tonya Harding and pro Sasha Farber — Viennese Waltz: 26/30; Freestyle: 30/30

* Josh Norman and pro Sharna Burgess — Foxtrot: 27/30; Freestyle: 30/30

* Adam Rippon and pro Jenna Johnson — Jazz: 30/30; Freestyle: 28/30

And after a quick group number from the full cast of Season 26 — seriously, the lack of filler in this finale messed with my head a bit — it was time for the results.

The winning pair of Dancing‘s all-athletes edition is… Adam and Jenna!