Sarah Silverman responds politely after right-wing personality Candace Owens seemingly mocks her for being childless


Right-wing personality Candace Owens is no stranger to controversy, but she likely didn't expect the response she got from one of her latest targets -- comedian Sarah Silverman.

"Interesting theory presented to me at lunch. Do you guys think something bio-chemically happens to women who don’t marry and/or have children?" she mused via Twitter on Thursday, tagging Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler as "evidentiary support."

Owens, the communications director for youth conservative group Turning Point USA, later expanded on the thought, adding that during the lunch conversation, a friend "suggested that women who never marry, don’t adopt and/or have children of their own become bitter over time."

In response, Silverman questioned Owens' motives for directly tagging the women in her probing message.

See Candace Owens on Instagram:

"It seems to me that by tweeting this, you would like to maybe make us feel badly. I’d say this is evidenced by your effort to use our Twitter handles so we would see," Silverman wrote. "My heart breaks for you, Candy. I hope you find happiness in whatever form that takes."

Silverman, who is 47, joked about being childless in one of her latest stand-up routines, opening her set with, "God, I’m really gonna do it you guys. I’m really gonna have no kids.”

Owens seemingly backtracked a bit after Silverman's response, later writing, "People are saying that it's not fair to put Sarah Silverman in the same category of crazy as Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler. I actually agree. Not fair to Sarah. She at least tries to educate herself occasionally and hear new ideas."

However, Owens told multiple challengers that she would not apologize for her statements, instead urging the conversation to continue: "My friend thinks it’s because women without family (husband/children) go a little nuts. Thoughts?" she tweeted.