So, what exactly did Prince Harry whisper to William at the 2011 royal wedding?

Well, we might not actually know for sure, but there is still tons of speculation surrounding the mysterious message Prince Harry whispered to his brother William at the altar back in 2011.

From the kiss to the dress, many significant moments had the world talking at Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton seven years ago. But when Prince Harry looked over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of Kate walking down the aisle, he then turned to the groom and whispered some words followed by a laugh, right before the cameras cut to Kate's mom.

According to a 2011 CBS News report, Tina Lannin, a born deaf professional forensic lip reader deciphered the exchange as "right, here she is now," while, other reports suggest Harry was just cracking a joke to prevent Willaims' nerves.

Either way, the bromance moment was unforgettable and while we patiently await Prince Harry's wedding on Saturday, May 19 to Meghan Markle, we will undoubtedly be keeping our eyes open for more royal wedding whispers.

Stay tuned.