'Altered Carbon': Death is only for the poor

Stephanie Lopez

"Altered Carbon" is going to change you.

Or at least change "how you think about immortality," says Joel Kinnaman ("Suicide Squad," "The Killing"). Kinnaman plays Takeshi Kovacs in "Altered Carbon," the extremely binge-worthy novel-turned-Netflix-series, a dystopian science fiction tale set 300 years into a future that has been drastically altered by technology that allows your consciousness to be digitized and stored. Thus allowing you live in many bodies, but keep your sense of self.

Kinnaman, who has already starred in a dream role in "Suicide Squad," says the opportunity to blend a big budget with Netflix's storytelling ability is something that really attracted him to the series. He calls the opportunity to be apart of a world like this "amazing, especially for a sci-fi nerd like me." He also jokes that his next role will have more lying down and sitting and less standing up and fighting. Which, considering his next two films are action films, seems unlikely.

Joel also talks about his time on Suicide Squad and working with Viola Davis. He joked that working with Viola is great "until she starts yelling at you. And when she's calling you names and telling you things, you really believe her." He jokes that it took him, "weeks" to shake off the stuff Viola would yell at him. Well, considering Viola is an Oscar winner, I'd probably believe her too!

"Altered Carbon" is available to stream on Netflix now. Do yourself a favor and carve out the whole weekend for this!