‘Roseanne’ star John Goodman is new voice of ABC News

John Goodman will be the new voice of ABC News, which the network revealed in a new promo Tuesday. Goodman is also the star of the network’s hit show “Roseanne”

“Your mom said ‘comb your hair.’ Your dad told you ‘smarten up.’ Your dog is judging you right now, and your best friend just called you crazy. We all need someone who will pull no punches and give it to us straight,” said Goodman in the 30-second spot.

“Now imagine getting your news like that. No bull, no spin. Just give it to me straight. Straightforward news. Straight to the heart of the story. ABC News. Straightforward.”

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A rep for ABC News did not immediately respond to questions on how the Goodman partnership came to be.

Despite Goodman’s mention of “straightforward news,” ABC News has struggled in recent months to keep up with competitors like CNN and NBC News, which have respectively produced scoop after scoop. The network’s veteran reporter, Brian Ross, also botched a major story about the Trump-Russia scandal in December which led to a four-week suspension without pay for Ross and an internal demotion.

“Roseanne,” which also stars Roseanne Barr as the titular character, continues to be a hit for the network and was renewed for another season.