Dylan Sprouse calls out Jared Leto for allegedly hitting on young models


Hollywood's younger generation is serious about ending the culture of silence.

The internet got a reminder of that on Tuesday, when actor Dylan Sprouse called out Oscar winner Jared Leto point-blank for allegedly hitting on young models. Leto is 46 years old -- and according to Sprouse, he's not exactly interested in women his own age.

"Yo @JaredLeto, now that you've slid into the DM's of every female model aged 18 - 25, what would you say your success rate is?" Sprouse wrote. (DM's, for readers less well-acquainted with social media, are private direct messages sent over Instagram.)

Sprouse and Leto both have massive Twitter followings -- they each boast well over 4 million followers.

Although the tweet was unexpected, allegations against Leto have circulated for several years. Several women have anonymously accused Leto of coercing them into sexual encounters -- sometimes violent -- while others have claimed he pursues teens who are years underage.

“He’s just another ‘rockstar’ who lets his ego get to his head so he can take advantage of young girls," one alleged. "He even hit on my 15 year old best friend. He’s no better than Roman Polanski in my eyes."

Leto hasn't responded to Sprouse's blunt callout.