Andy Samberg has plans to get the whole ‘This Is Us’ cast on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ (exclusive)

Could the Pearsons be heading to Brooklyn?

It’s certainly a possibility, now that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been picked up by NBC for a sixth season, after being canceled by Fox last week. ET’s Leanne Aguilera caught up with series star Andy Samberg at the NBC Upfronts presentation on Monday, who dished on the show’s resurrection and crossover possibilities on a new network.

“They scooped us up, it’s a Christmas miracle!” Samberg marveled, before noting that the transition doesn’t necessarily mean major adjustments for the show itself.

“I don’t think we are going to change it too much,” he noted. “I believe we are able to do bleeps and blurs now, so I’m looking forward to doing that. It’s basically everything I did at SNL.”

“Otherwise, we are just staying the course,” he added. “You know, there are stories in progress for our show and we are so excited to keep doing them.”

As for possible crossover cameos from the stars of other beloved NBC series, Samberg noted that he’d love to have “the entire cast of This Is Us,” following Sterling K. Brown’s stellar trip to the Nine-Nine last month.

“Sterling was on, he was so good,” Samberg recalled, joking of the Golden Globe and Emmy-winning actor, “I’m going to say something controversial, I think Sterling is good at acting. Keep your eyes peeled for that guy. He is going to be doing stuff.”

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Later in the day, ET’s Carly Steel caught up Samberg’s Nine-Nine co-star Terry Crews at the Deadpool 2 premiere in New York City, who dished on the show’s surprise save.

“What was wild is, we were in mourning for like, two hours, and then the internet went nuts. We were number one trending worldwide, about 'Why did you cancel this show?'” he recalled. “I mean, Germany, France, Italy, it was crazy! And all of a sudden, thirty hours later, NBC picked us up.”

Crews also shared a message of thanks to the fans that spoke out in support of the show, tossing in a bonus plug for his new Marvel movie.

“Hey look, thank you everybody out there for bringing Brooklyn Nine-Nine back. It was you guys that did it,” he remarked. “I'm telling you, the power is in your hands. Go see Deadpool 2, and you can see more power, you know what I'm sayin'?”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s sixth season will air on NBC. Deadpool 2 hits theaters on Friday.