Who keeps spray-painting 'fork' near royal wedding venue?

Put a fork in it.

That's what local police in Windsor, England are begging an unidentified street artist to do after the word "fork" has appeared as graffiti around town more than 150 times.

The tag has even threatened to mar the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as the spray-painter has scribbled "fork" not only on pubs, houses, and cars, but along the route that the royal couple's coach is set to take on the big day, according to The Daily Express.

"It is fair to say this bloke is forking us off big time because as far as we are concerned we have our work cut out already on the big day," a police source told the British tabloid.

"We have been told that if there is so much as a single "FORK" on the walls of Windsor Castle that the Queen will blow a gasket so we are guarding it very well."

Peek inside the royal wedding preparations at Windsor Castle

The prince and his "Suits" actress fiancée are set to tie the knot at St. George's Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle on Saturday.

So far, "fork" has reportedly appeared on tourism signs for the castle, cars, vans, lamp posts, phone boxes, speed cameras, walls, fences, homes and outside pubs, forcing the businesses to paint over the tag or scrub it clean.

The questionable art has even inspired its own Instagram account, @forkgraffitiwindsor, as per The Cut.

The damage is reportedly in the tens of thousands of dollars, prompting the Thames Valley Police to issue a statement last week urging those in the area to keep their eyes peeled for the royal pain.

Still, Banksy they are not — a source told the Express they're on the hunt for two teenage suspects caught on CCTV surveillance footage.

It's unclear what the term is referring to, though the paper suggests is could be in reference to the farming term, which means scratching or poking a pig, and that the culprit could be offering a dig at the local police force.