Michael C. Hall's thrilling new role in Netflix's 'Safe'


Netflix's "Safe" is a new original series starring award-winning actor Michael C. Hall as a widowed father searching for his missing eldest teenage daughter. This serious drama has Hall's character struggling to protect his family while trying to cope with the loss of his beloved wife who passed away tragically.

Hall spoke at BUILD Series recently about his new role as Tom Delaney in the new show created by crime author Harlan Coben.

"I was just sent the script. I would say three times over the course of reading the pilot script or the first episode script, my jaw literally dropped," he recalled. "It was that genuinely surprising! I like that it seemed to be fusing the thriller element with the family drama element and the character study element."

He added that "tonally it's very serious obviously [because] his daughter goes missing, but it's also very light at times and even absurdly comic at times." Everyone in the show is keeping some sort of secret of varying intensity.

"I actually relished the chance to play a character who was a regular guy around whom and to whom crazy things were happening but within whom pretty humdrum things were happening."

This project really drew Hall in because his character is an "important piece to the fabric of the story" being told. "I see it, sometimes when you read things and you actually envision it. It becomes much more than just words on the page."

The mutual trust between him and the director of photography was also another reason why Hall decided to be a part of the show. The DP "was really essential to creating a look that felt organic and wasn't like announcing itself...I think the show has a visual language and feel that's unique," the star revealed.

The show was shot in Manchester in the north of England and the accent there is different compared to other parts of England. Having a northern British accent was discouraged, especially for Hall's character. When it comes to perfecting Tom Delaney's accent, Hall told the audience that "this is a guy who has the British version of my accent which is not much of an accent to an English person."

"I wanted him to sound like a contemporary British person not a Monty Python character," Hall chuckled.

They wanted Tom Delaney to sound like the character he was. "I imagine he was from Southern England, he's well educated, so he developed some sort of RP (received pronunciation) kind of feel to his accent," Hall concluded.

You can stream all eight episodes of "Safe" starring Michael C. Hall now on Netflix.