How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will spend their last night before the royal wedding

New details about how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will spend the night before their wedding have been revealed. 

Ahead of their nuptials on Saturday in Windsor, England, the couple will spend their evenings in separate, but equally lavish, hotels.

Prince Harry will be joined by his brother and best man, Prince William, at the five-star country house, Dorchester Collection's Coworth Park, while Meghan will be staying at Cliveden House Hotel on the National Trust's Cliveden Estate, along with her mother, Doria Ragland.

Rates at Coworth Park, which boasts a polo academy and equestrian center, start at $432, while rooms at the Cliveden House go for a minimum of $628. Once the home of Prince Frederick of Wales, Cliveden House sits on 376 acres of National Trust parkland and is known for its gardens and spa. 

 Coworth Park, London Road, Ascot, West Berkshire, United Kingdom

Dorchester Collection's Coworth Park

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Cliveden House, Buckinghamshire

Cliveden House Hotel

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Prince Harry, 33, and the former Suits actress will say "I do" in front of approximately 600 guests at 12 p.m. GMT at St. George's Chapel. Meghan, 36, will have two custom-made wedding dresses -- the first is "an elaborate yet traditional bridal gown" for the ceremony and reception, and the second is "a glamorous, more sophisticated" gown she'll change into for the evening to "party the night away" with less restriction, Vanity Fair reports.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds will take a carriage procession along High Street before heading back to Windsor Castle. Harry and Meghan will then attend two receptions, the first hosted by Queen Elizabeth II and the second by Prince Charles.

15 bizarre royal wedding mishaps that are totally true
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15 bizarre royal wedding mishaps that are totally true

No shut-eye for the groom

Wedding day jitters weren't the only thing that kept Prince William up all night before he tied the knot with the lovely former Kate Middleton—the ruckus and hubbub from all his supportive yet noisy well-wishers were also to blame. "They were singing and cheering all night long, so the excitement of that, the nervousness of me and everyone singing—I slept for about half an hour," William said, according to The Daily Mail. Learn the surprising rule Kate Middleton has to follow at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.


Something borrowed, something blue and something broken?

Even the unflappable Queen Elizabeth II had to deal with a wedding mishap: her broken tiara. "The Fringe Tiara was given to Queen Elizabeth on her wedding day, and the hairdresser broke it," royal jeweler House of Garrard told Marie Claire in an interview. "On that day, they had police escort it to the House of Garrard workshops. We fixed the tiara that morning, had it sent back to Queen Elizabeth, and then she got married in it. You don't expect the royals to have those sorts of mix-ups, but they do!"



In hindsight, it was an ominous sign about the future of her marriage when Princess Diana flip-flopped the first and middle name of her groom referring to him as "Philip Charles" rather than "Charles Philip." Barbara Walters made this comment about the flub, "All it did was endear her more to her people because it was human and understandable." Check out more secrets you might not know about Princess Di.


Horsing around

You may be familiar with the term runaway bride, but what about runaway horse? That's exactly what happened as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's procession left Westminster Abbey after they got hitched. According to ABC News, one of the horses in the procession got spooked from the revelry of the crowd and tossed the cavalry guardsman riding him to the tarmac below. Neither the horse nor the guardsman was harmed.


Tripped up

It wouldn't be a wedding unless someone... tripped? Although Princess Diana's train was 25 feet long, she managed it flawlessly. Her 5-year-old bridesmaid Clementine Hambro, Winston Churchill's granddaughter and Diana's former student, however, tripped on it. Diana gently asked little Clementine if she had "bumped her bottom." Don't miss these other 15 secrets you never knew about Charles and Diana's wedding.


Don't cry over ... spilled perfume

When Princess Diana walked down the aisle in her now iconic wedding dress, little did the crowd know it had been stained from her favorite perfume, Quelques Fleurs. Her makeup artist Barbara Daly spilled the beans about the spilled perfume, explaining it was Diana that got it on the dress by mistake, reports PeopleAccording to the magazine, Daly told the soon-to-be princess "to simply hold that spot on her dress as she was walking to make it seem like she was lifting the front of her dress so she didn't step on it. She was even spotted trying to cover the spot where the perfume spilled with her hand as she approached the altar." Check out which perfume scents other royals chose to wear on their special day.


Got the goods

Prince Charles flubbed his wedding vows when reciting them to Diana. Rather than promise to share "all his worldly goods" he inadvertently omitted the word "worldly" and only mentioned "goods."


Stamp collecting faux pas

If you lived in New Zealand in 2011, you may have been the recipient of a postage stamp created to celebrate the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Although the stamp was meant to commemorate the lovely couple tying the knot, ABC News reports that when users went to put the stamp on a letter to mail they ended up having to "tear apart the happy couple." Wedding stamp fail.


A wrinkle in time

The train of Diana's wedding dress was truly one for the record books. At 25 feet in length, dress designer David Emanuel accommodated Diana's wishes when she kept asking for a longer and longer train. Of course, all that extra fabric had to get to St. Paul's Cathedral with the bride-to-be in it. Unfortunately, shoving large amounts of taffeta into a glass coach can result in one wrinkled train. Don't miss these 18 iconic royal wedding photos throughout history.


The ring was too small

Slipping the wedding ring on the bride's finger is a ritual not even a royal prince would dare challenge, but what if the ring doesn't fit? That's what happened to Prince William during his exchange of vows with Kate Middleton. Turns out Kate had earlier had Diana's famous engagement ring resized to fit her finger because it was slipping off. So she also had her wedding band sized smaller—a little too small—and it got stuck as William tried to put it on. But after a bit of a struggle, Prince William finally managed to slip the ring on his bride's finger. "It has now become a subject of amusement to her and William," notes The Daily Mail. 


Forgotten bouquet

Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg of Denmark's wedding ceremony was delayed because she forgot to bring her bouquet with her to the church. Good thing it only took ten minutes for them to get there because that delay no doubt made Alexander Johannsmann a very nervous groom. Find out the flower every British royal bride carries in her bouquet.


Drunken antics

There's nothing surprising about guests getting drunk at a wedding, but when it's the groom who is smashed, who also happens to be king, it's another story entirely. Way back in 1795, King George IV was so drunk that after his nuptials his bride Catherine of Brunswick left him under a grate. Perhaps Catherine already knew what she was getting herself into based on meeting her betrothed for the first time at St. James Palace. "She very properly…attempted to kneel to him," said onlooker Lord Malmesbury in his diary. "He raised her (gracefully enough) and embraced her, said barely one word, turned around, retired to a distant part of the apartment, calling me to him and said, 'Harris, I am not well, pray get me a glass of brandy.'" These are the etiquette rules everyone in the royal family must follow.


Nerves on overdrive

Back in 1736, Princess Augusta was just sick about having to marry Prince Frederick, so much so that she actually vomited right after the ceremony. Prince Frederick, the eldest son and heir of King George II, wasn't much of a charmer, and he supposedly yelled in Princess Augusta's ear when she messed up her vows. Not to mention, the princess was said to have begged her mother, Queen Caroline, "Please don't leave me." The poor Danish princess was only a mere 17 years old, plus, she'd never even met her much older groom before, according to the book Royal Babylon: The Alarming History of European Royalty.


A wedding and a funeral

Til death do us part isn't meant for the guests at a wedding. But according to the book A Biographical Dictionary of Dark Age Britain: England, Scotland, and Waleswhen King Harthacnut, King of England from 1040 to 1042, got drunk at his pal Tovi the Proud's wedding, he had a stroke and died right then and there. You'll want to check out these 15 obscure royal wedding facts.


Headache woes

Although Diana looked lovely in the Spencer family tiara, the hairpiece gave the bride a pounding headache. ''In the evening [after the wedding] we all went to a sort of semi-private party," Charles Spencer, Princess Di's brother, told Elle. "And she was there and she seemed incredibly relaxed and happy and I just remember she had a cracking headache too, because she wasn't used to wearing a tiara all morning." Read on for the 10 other wedding etiquette rules everyone in the royal family must follow.




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