Jenny McCarthy gets this gift from Donnie Wahlberg every month

Jenny McCarthyis hopelessly devoted toDonnie Wahlberg. While gushing about her three-year marriage, the 45-year-old compared her husband to Danny Zuko from Grease.

“I got the cool guy. The hot guy, the guy who knows how to dance,” McCarthy, 45, gushed to Us Weekly at BTIG charity day in New York City on Tuesday, May 8. “I only wish I could be as cool as Sandy, but at least I found my Danny. He’s constantly surprising me. He sends me just cause flowers at least once a month.”

Wahlberg, 48, is just as enamored with the Dirty Love star’s 15-year-old son, Evan. (Evan’s father is McCarthy’s ex-husband John Mallory Asher.) “He’s Mr. Mom. He’s being a stay-at-home dad right now,” she raved to Us. “He loves Evan.” Before McCarthy met the former New Kids on the Block singer, she dreamed of meeting someone who would adore her and Evan equally. “It happened,” McCarthy said. “When we look at each other, he takes my breath away.”

The SiriusXM radio host and Wahlberg recently completed a joint summer bucket list. “I told him I want to take ballroom dancing lessons. Not to be on Dancing With the Stars — ever. It is literally because when we go places, I step on his feet and he tries to teach me,” McCarthy admitted. “I’m always so embarrassed so I was like, ‘Let’s take dancing lessons.’ Plus, it’s romantic. We get to grind on each other!”

McCarthy also carves out plenty of alone time with Evan. “His favorite activity is cuddle and talk time,” she told Us. “He might kill me for saying this . . . but we have a nighttime, half-hour open dialogue. He can’t get in trouble. He is allowed to tell me anything and everything and I can’t bat an eye about it. That to me is my most blessed activity.”

McCarthy says her heart grew another chamber when Evan was born in 2002. “He made me selfless. He gave me purpose,” she told Us. “He asks me all the time, ‘What would life be like without me?’ And I say, ‘Evan, I would be staring at a wall with a frown doing nothing every single day of my life.’”

With reporting by Marc Lupo.