Gabrielle Union talks breaking the ice with Jada Pinkett Smith after 17 years of 'silence'

Gabrielle Union says that she and Jada Pinkett Smith have buried the hatchet and that the awkwardness between them is finally done after 17 years.

The 45-year-old star of the upcoming thriller Breaking In appeared on Today earlier this week, telling host Hoda Kotb that she turned a corner in her life last year, developing a healthier, more positive perspective on life. Union has been open about her past struggles, including being raped at gunpoint, enduring a difficult first marriage and divorce and having eight or nine miscarriages.

"Finally at 44, I found my self-worth. And I started saying, 'I want more joy, peace and grace in my life,'" she told Kotb. "And so no matter what comes in my life, whether that's friendships, relationships, business opportunities, it all has to encompass joy, peace and grace. And everything has changed."

"Everything" includes her relationship with Pinkett Smith, which she said wasn't exactly a "feud." What is clear is that nobody really knows what started it all or what it was even about.

"Jada nor I never used the word 'feud' so it just became more of a media creation. Kind of like, back in the day, neither one of us actually knows what took place back then," she explained. "But the people that we had around us were like, 'Well, you know how she feels about you,' and they were like, 'Well, you know how she feels about you.' And then it was like, 'OK, girl, bye.' For 17 years."

Union said the situation was perplexing, particularly since they're both vocal activists on the same issues, their their husbands -- Dwyane Wade and Will Smith -- are friends, and Union has even worked with Smith.

"We had too much pride and too much insecurity to just say, 'Hey, did that ever actually happen or was that a creation of someone else who did not want to see two women rise together?'" Union shared.

But don't call it a feud.

"No feud, just a lot of silence," she said.

Breaking In hits theaters May 11.