Joanna Gaines praises husband Chip as he prepares for first marathon

Joanna Gaines is a proud wife!

The pregnant Fixer Upper star took to Instagram on Friday to gush over her husband, Chip Gaines, as he prepares to run his first marathon in Waco, Texas, on Sunday. The Silo District Marathon is actually being hosted by the HGTV couple to raise money for the Brave Like Gabe Foundation to fund research into rare cancers and their treatment.

"It all started with a lofty goal that he first considered while writing his book Capital Gaines," Joanna captioned a shot of Chip running. "Then last October Chip randomly ran into @gigrunewald in Central Park where she shared some of her story. It was then that Chip was inspired to take this goal of running a marathon and turn it into something bigger: raising money and awareness for rare cancer research."

"This weekend 6,000 runners from all 50 states and 7 countries will participate in our first annual #SiloDistrictMarathon right here in Waco, TX. All profits from this race will go to her foundation @bravelikegabe," she continued.

"Chip, I couldn’t be prouder of you. I am thankful for your big heart and big vision. Go get ’em this weekend, and you better believe I’ll be the first in line at the finish to give you the biggest hug!” Joanna added. “#yourbiggestfan#yougotthis #26.2miles.”

ET recently spoke with Joanna as she reflected on how pregnancy has changed while expecting her fifth child with Chip, nine years after giving birth to their fourth child, daughter Emmie.

“It feels like it’s all brand-new, even the things that are available now to moms,” she said. “Everything is so fun, these things are really going to help me!”

“I am having so much [fun] now that my kids are older,” added Joanna, who is expecting a baby boy. “Time goes by so fast, so this was one of those things where I’m trying to cherish every moment, but back then I had four kids [aged] 4 and under. I was right in the thick of it, trying to figure things out, and now I have four older helpers. They are so excited."

See photos of the couple together:


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