Priyanka Chopra teases hints about Meghan Markle’s royal wedding without saying a word

Priyanka Chopra is not spilling the Royal tea!

The Quantico actress, 35, appeared on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live where host Andy Cohen tried to get her to share some secrets about her bestie Meghan Markle and her upcoming Royal Wedding to Prince Harry.

Noting that she still hasn’t picked out her dress for the big day on May 19, Chopra added, “I haven’t even [been] fitted yet,” saying she has “an idea” of what she’ll wear.

“I’m more stressed out about wearing a small hat,” Chopra added of the traditional fascinators.

She was also asked about whether she was bringing a date.

“Ish, there’s a decision pending on that,” she said, smiling elusively.

Cohen then asked a series of questions about Markle and the wedding, which Chopra mostly chose to keep quiet on. She confirmed that she’s never hung out with the pair as a couple and has never even met her bestie’s beau, Prince Harry.

When asked if Markle is a “bridezilla” and whether or not she’s seen her dress, Chopra remained quiet, keeping her face neutral. But she couldn’t contain her thoughts when asked if the Suits star had cried when she said yes to the dress.

Chopra immediately started grinning and clasped her hands together, leaning over to keep from talking. Similarly when asked if she knew about the engagement before the couple announced last November, Chopra nodded her head down, averting her gaze from the camera and declaring, “This is getting really tough.”

She said she still hasn’t gotten the couple a gift, saying it’s “really tough” and promised to text Cohen a selfie of her and the newborn Prince Louis if he attended the nuptials.

When asked if she too likes gingers, Chopra said yes, adding, “Red hair’s kind of my thing.”

Later in the episode one caller asked Chopra if she’d consider having Markle as her own bridesmaid in a future wedding.

“It depends on who I get married to. I could have an Indian wedding where we don’t have bridesmaids or I do have an American wedding where I might!” she reasoned. “Plus, I have to find a guy whose worth marrying.”

In late April, Chopra confirmed that she will be attending the Royal Wedding in Windsor, England, this month.

"I mean, because of the fact that I'm promoting Quantico, which airs tonight by the way, ...and I can't avoid the question ...Yes I'm going," she told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. "But that's all."