Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange: Details emerge on their unlikely relationship


What's going on between Pamela Anderson and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange?

The former "Baywatch" actress has frequently been photographed visiting Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he's been living in exile since 2012 in an effort to avoid bail violation charges in the UK and extradition to the US, where he's wanted to leaking classified documents.

At the end of March, the embassy revealed that it had revoked Assange's visitor privileges and access to the internet because he went against "a written [agreement] not to issue messages that might interfere with other states."

Reacting to the news, Anderson released a statement to the New York Post expressing her disapproval of the embassy's latest move.

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"I'm deeply concerned about his health and well-being," the actress said. "His human rights have been abused before without sunlight, but this is extraordinary. Incommunicado. No visitors. No internet. No phone calls. No access to outside world. This is torture -- a slow, painful death [at] the hands of the US [and] UK. I feel for Ecuador. They have received so much pressure."

See photos of the glamorous ensembles Pamela Anderson has worn to visit Julian Assange:

"Ecuador promised to protect him against political persecution, not just protect him against a death penalty," she continued. "He must be protected. We are all Julian Assange."

With her visits to Assange suddenly halted, Anderson is once again drumming up speculation around the nature of her relationship with the controversial figure. Though the actress has been dating 32-year-old soccer star Adil Rami since 2017, it's unclear whether or not that romance is exclusive.

"I don't want to say anything about whether there's a romance," Anderson once told Grazia of her relationship with Assange. "So, let's say we're just 'good friends.'"

Sources close to the WikiLeaks founder say that he has a "deep crush" on the actress because "she's just out of reach."

"Julian has a thing for blondes and he's always been quite the womanizer," a source told Page Six. "But Pam's much more intelligent than most women with that kind of look -- she's no bimbo."

Assange has reportedly "had a lot of so-called 'girlfriends' visit him there before Pam," but "they were the kind of groupies who fall for men in prison."

Though neither has done much to quell rumors of a romance between them, sources familiar with the "Baywatch" actress question her motives in getting involved with Assange and her highly-photographed visits to see him.

"Pam thrives on attention from famous men, and she thrives on press," one source said. "It's no accident she shows up to the embassy in those sexy outfits. They are all very contrived."

Indeed, the outfits that Anderson has worn to visit Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy are always glamorous, often skin-baring and definitely thought-out. The paparazzi are frequently already there catching her enter and exit the property, often carrying bags full of food.

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"She needs to stay in the public eye," another source added. "She doesn't have enough money to be a full-time philanthropist. [...] It's not like she's on TV or movies recently. And she's got expensive taste. That look doesn't come cheap at age 50."

Designer Vivienne Westwood reportedly first introduced the unlikely pair back in 2014, after having been a fan and friend to both. (Westwood regularly visited Assange at the embassy before the visitor ban. Other past visitors have included Lady Gaga, Maggie Gyllenhall and John Cusack.)

"She loves Pam and knew they'd have mutual interests," a former employee of the designer told Page Six. "She didn't introduce them as a proper setup. But Viv does fantasize that he and Pam would really be together. She thinks that together they would change the world."

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