Olivia Culpo on why you need to listen to your body


2018 has been a busy year for Olivia Culpo. After winning the Miss Universe pageant back in 2012, the Rhode Island native has since acted in major films, modeled for some of the biggest fashion brands in the world, and most recently opened up a family-owned restaurant called Back40. Not to mention, this was all while designing the chicest capsule collection with mega-retailer Revolve (which nearly sold out in a day).

Amongst all of the chaos the 25-year-old has going on, she is also the face of the Timex Crystal Bloom collection. We sat down with Culpo at the Nomad Hotel in NYC to speak about her partnership with Timex and why you need to listen to your body when it comes to exhaustion.

How did your partnership with Timex come about? What drew you to the brand?

Timex is the most iconic watch brand and the Crystal Bloom collection is kind of what I’m all about. It’s very girly, lots of pastels. There are ten watches total in the collection -- the leather band strap and there’s also the metal strap. For me, I love floral and I love light happy colors. It was the perfect collaboration for me. And I’m so happy about people being able to have such an accessible and affordable watch for springtime. It’s the perfect gift and it’s really a great accessory to dress up any outfit.

TIMEX Spring 2018 Women's Collection Launch Dinner at The NoMad Hotel in New York City (Getty Images)

What are you most excited about spring, fashion-wise?

I am so excited for the smell of fresh flowers! But, fashion-wise, I am excited to finally not have to worry about wearing a jacket and packing a jacket. I have to be honest, I have to pack an entire extra suitcase in the winter because of how much extra clothing I have to bring -- bodysuits, boots, jackets, sweaters, turtlenecks, socks, it adds a lot of space!

The Timex Crystal Bloom collection is super affordable, retailing $80 and under, what is your favorite way to mix high-end with affordable brands?

I feel like you can do it so many different ways. I have to be honest, the other day I was wearing this watch with a workout outfit and it really kind of made my workout outfit look more put together and a little more polished -- so I feel like a watch always has that ability. And when you have something that is so colorful and light, it makes a really nice gift because they are such happy colors. Even with jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers, as soon as you put a watch on, it looks like you’ve tried and it just looks so much more polished.

From your clothing collection with Revolve, your acting career and co-owning your family's restaurant, Back40, what tips or advice would you give someone that maybe has a full plate?

Sleeping definitely helps! I am saying that now because I have not been sleeping a lot lately. Especially after last night but, I would say try to get as much rest as you can and try to drink a lot of water. Take time when you need it too because sometimes I’ll be able to go on and on and on for weeks at a time or other times I’ll do one thing in a day and I’ll be so tired after - so you never really know when your body needs a break. You have to listen to it and it doesn’t always make sense. I would just say to listen to yourself and be easy on yourself when you do need a break and then also when you’re not tired, do not be lazy.

The night before we sat down with Culpo, she attended pal Gigi Hadid's star-studded 23rd birthday party in Brooklyn.

Can you share what you are working on next?

"I Feel Pretty" just came out with Amy Schumer, that’s the last movie that I was in. It was a small role but a very funny movie. My next movie is called "Reprisal" with Bruce Willis and that will be coming out sometime this year. Also, I will be doing more designing and I’ll be keeping up with the restaurant. I also have a website, OliviaCulpo.com, which is keeping me very busy. And then my show "Model Squad" airs this fall on E!

Whether you are looking for the perfect spring accessory or a chic Mother's day gift, shop the Timex Crystal Bloom collection in the gallery below!