Was Blake Shelton throwing shade at Miranda Lambert with 'karma' tweet?

Blake Shelton should be having a pleasant hump day. His entire team on The Voice impressed America enough for a totally unscathed pass-through Tuesday night (April 24). Not a bad way to start Wednesday morning.

However, the country star and reality show coach seemed in a bit of a flustered mood, throwing out a tweet in the a.m. that instantly had fans in a frenzy.

Shelton — who has a past history of being a loose cannon online, but has for some time now mostly contained his social media presence to businesslike announcements — threw this time bomb out one day after news broke that his ex-wife Miranda Lambert is involved with a new boyfriend, Turnpike Troubadours frontman Evan Felker.

There’s already plenty of gossip swirling about that: Lambert reportedly was seeing Felker — who is married and in the process of a divorce — while still dating her previous boyfriend, country musician Anderson East.

However, what exactly would Shelton, who moved on from Lambert in 2015 to find a new and seemingly idyllic relationship with Gwen Stefani, mean by “karma”?

Well, that raises a whole field of sordid past gossip flags. The exact cause of Shelton and Lambert’s breakup remains unknown, but there has been plenty of speculation about it.

Shelton received criticism at the very beginning of their relationship, having been married to his first wife when sparks first started to fly with Lambert. Rumors over the years have pointed fingers at both partners for having cheated.

Many fans believe Lambert was the one who broke the marriage up by philandering, and plenty of (quite barbed) social media reactions to Shelton’s tweet seem to be on that particular train.

Still, others maintain Shelton was the dog in their relationship.

If Shelton is throwing shade at Lambert and her new (complicated) relationship with Felker, he’s not exactly using the term “karma” correctly. If Lambert was the one who cheated on him, her getting involved with a married man does not necessarily constitute a karmic situation. (Perhaps he’s actually throwing shade at Anderson East.)

However, in Shelton’s defense, it’s hard to find any word that works with this convoluted cast of characters.

Of course, we may find out he’s simply stringing us all along and is just talking about rival Voice coaches Adam Levine or Alicia Keys, after all.

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