Chip Gaines likes wife Joanna pregnant because he used to date 'bigger-boned girls' (Video)

Those of us obsessed with HGTV are still reeling from the fact that “Fixer Upper” is over. Probably no one is more upset about it than new Scripps owner Discovery, Inc., as Chip and Joanna Gaines’ show was the former Home & Garden TV network’s highest-rated series.

America’s favorite flippers (and dare we say, couple) aren’t exactly sitting at home whittling, though. Joanna Gaines is still working insanely hard, despite being a pregnant mother of four who is opening a new restaurant and promoting her just-published cookbook. Hubby Chip is training for a marathon, but the goofball carpenter’s got something else he wants to talk about this morning.

“It’s funny, I mess with Jo. I always– prior to my relationship with Joanna, I always dated slightly bigger-boned girls… so whenever Jo is pregnant, it’s kind of my thing,” he said Tuesday on the “Today” show. “It’s kind of my jam.”

Cue nervous laughter from hosts Savannah Guthrie and Craig Melvin.

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When asked a little later in the interview if the Gaines’ wanted to break some news right there and now about their television future, Chip reiterated: “I don’t know if you all knew this, but before Jo and I dated, I liked bigger-boned girls. So I wanted to get that out there this morning.”

Loud and clear pal.

Watch the video above.

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