Tonya Harding tears up admitting she 'lost' herself ahead of 'Dancing With the Stars' (Exclusive)

Tonya Harding is headed to Dancing With the Stars for the show's upcoming all-athletes season, and the former figure skater is getting emotional about her return to the spotlight.

Harding and her DWTS partner, Sasha Farber, spoke with ET's Lauren Zima during rehearsals for the reality competition show, and she opened up about having lost her way in life, and how dancing has helped her find her path.

"I just have lost myself over the years. And my son and my husband have kept me alive. But this truly [is] something here," Harding shared.

"I went back to skating a year ago because… there was just something missing, you know? And obviously I have my son, and nothing is missing from that, but there was just something about me. I wanted to do more," she continued, getting choked up. "And when I had got that call, like now, I started crying."

Harding gained infamy in 1994 after an attack on skating rival Nancy Kerrigan -- who previously competed on season 24 of DWTS. The controversy surrounding the notorious attack was detailed in last year's stylized bio-pic about Harding's life, I, Tonya, in which she was played by Margot Robbie.

ET spoke with Harding earlier this month, where she was asked if she felt America was ready to embrace her.

"Does it matter? It doesn't really matter. I'm just honored to be part of this and very humbled as well," Harding said, adding, "I'm very honored that Sasha is my partner. He is going to take me to places I have never been."

Dancing With the Stars' all-athlete season premieres Monday, April 30 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


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