Westworld season 2: Thandie Newton says Maeve's relationship with her daughter is 'everything'

"Westworld" fans are accustomed to having more questions than answers -- and one lingering cliffhanger from the season 1 finale will prove to be a driving force in season 2.

When we last saw Thandie Newton's Maeve, the android had recently discovered that her supposed journey to self-actualization was in fact a pre-programmed storyline titled "Escape." But in a crucial moment that appeared to demonstrate her own free will, Maeve seemingly decided not to escape Westworld and instead return to find her daughter.

AOL caught up with Newton at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival's "Westworld" red carpet, where we asked how important Maeve's relationship with her daughter will be in season 2.

"Everything," Newton said. "Think about it. To be compelled by that instinct -- she's not going to give that up without a struggle."

"Westworld" returns to HBO on April 22.

See photos from inside the "Westworld" red carpet at Tribeca Film Festival: