Justin Bieber posts picture with his head on Beyonce's body

Everyone wants a piece of Beyoncé right now. Even Justin Bieber. The "Love Yourself" singer appeared to pay tribute to Queen Bey on Wednesday night (Apr. 18) when he posted a picture of his head PhotoShopped onto Beyoncé’s body and shared the result on Instagram with a message inviting Beliebers to meet his "sister Rachel Bieber." In the shot, a quizzical-looking Bieber stands in front of a bank of monitors with his face on top of a photo of Beyoncé's body in a black, curve-hugging mini-dress; the original shot is from a Dec. 2013 promotional event for the Beyoncé album.

Bieber doesn’t have a sister named Rachel, but it's possible he was inspired by attending the Coachella festival last weekend, where Beyoncé's world-beating set found the New York Times suggests, "there's not likely to be a more meaningful, absorbing, forceful and radical performance by an American musician this year, or any year soon."

The so-called "Beychella” set -- the first headlining slot by a black woman in the festival's history -- is now the most-viewed performance of a YouTube live stream. At press time Bieber's picture had more than 3.8 million likes.

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Y’all need to meet my sister Rachel Bieber

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Apr 18, 2018 at 7:21pm PDT

For reference, here is the original Beyoncé picture from 2013.

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