Busy Philipps always panics after doing interviews: 'Well, that was a disaster and I'm dead'

After two decades in the spotlight, Busy Philipps is well-accustomed to doing interviews -- but she still panics every time that red record light switches off.

"You can ask Marc Silverstein -- my husband," Busy told AOL as she sipped Three Olives Rosé at The Standard East Village. "I leave every interview and call him and say, 'Well, that was a disaster and I'm dead. It's all downhill. I sounded so dumb; it was terrible.'"

She's convinced, she said, that eventually, she's going to really put her foot in her mouth: "Someday, that's what it's gonna be. But I can't stop being who I am out of fear of the unknown."

The "I Feel Pretty" star -- whose husband directed the movie! -- is known and loved for being completely candid with her fans, especially via social media. Her nearly 1 million Instagram followers are accustomed to Busy's refreshingly uncontrived updates, whether they come from her couch or the Academy Awards.

"The teens love Gucci, and so does Marc Silverstein," she deadpanned from her car Tuesday night as she and her husband made their way to the film's red carpet premiere.

While Busy says she wouldn't even be able to put on a falsified persona for interviews or Instagram, she sympathizes with stars who have more of a refined social media "brand" -- even when their posts are a little annoying.

"I think we can all relate to that -- everybody has the friend where you're like, ugh, why is she so thirsty on Instagram?" Busy said. "But you have ot understand, it's not easy for everyone to truly present themselves the way that they are. Like how people say sometimes it's hard to write the way that you talk -- sometimes it's difficult for people to express who they are on social media. I don't hold it against anyone; it's a different skill set."

Catch Busy alongside Amy Schumer in "I Feel Pretty," out in theaters April 20.