Somehow, Robert De Niro has never seen a dog before (video)

Robert De Niro, meet the dog. And by that, we mean the entire popular household pet species that the actor has somehow never heard of until now.

On Monday’s “Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon and his high-profile guest wandered the halls of 30 Rock, where they ran into this strange animal De Niro hasn’t encountered before: The domestic canine.

“Usually rabbits aren’t so big,” the Tribeca Film Festival host said at the site of a labradoodle puppy.

A confused Fallon politely corrected his guest, who was still quite skeptical about the bizarre beast.

See Robert De Niro through the years:

“I don’t trust things that lay eggs,” De Niro, who also told the NBC late-night personality that he was once “betrayed” by a cat, said.

Before agreeing to to hold the pooch, the man who just played Robert Mueller on “SNL” checked with Fallon to make sure the animal was warm-blooded and didn’t have “any hidden quills or spikes that I should know about.” It’s safe to proceed, “Raging Bull.”

Watch the video above. No, you won’t get the full cat betrayal story.