Everyone wants to look like a Kardashian, but Jane Seymour chooses to look like herself


She made waves earlier this year by posing for Playboy at the age of 67, and now Jane Seymour is opening up about aging gracefully -- instead of falling victim to the traps of Botox, lip injections, plastic surgery and the like.

"I look at my contemporaries, and a lot of them just don't look the same as they used to. They look like other people -- they don't look like themselves," Seymour told AOL during a chat at New York's Smyth Hotel. "I still look like me, but I look older. Which I should, because I am."

The bombshell Bond girl is dismissive of current perceptions of what's "in": "The trend right now is to look like Kim Kardashian," she mused, adding that as a result of everyone emulating one particular look, "it's creating a lot of people without personality."

See photos from Jane Seymour's Playboy spread:

Instead of relying on surgical procedures, Seymour is encouraging women to use products that enhance their own natural beauty in a healthy, effective way. She's a personal fan of Crepe Erese products, which she shared with her sisters after they marveled at her results.

"I'm really glad that when someone talks to me and I'm really sad or happy or angry or glad -- they can see it!" "I think a lot of very young people are saying, 'I've got to do Botox or God forbid I might get a wrinkle."

And as for the Kardashian trend? "I personally don't need that larger backside. I've been trying to minimize mine my whole life!"