George Stephanopoulos' wife, Ali Wentworth, details their sex life in new book


In case you were wondering, George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth are still hot and heavy.

Ali speaks candidly about the couple's sex life in her new book, "Go Ask Ali," half-joking that she's "lost friends" during casual chats about marital intimacy.

Since her relationship with George is so strong, she feels awkward during "ladies' lunches" when the women begin complaining about their disappointing marriages: "The absolute lowest moment for me is when the time arrives for the fateful question: 'How often do you and your husband have sex?'" she says. "I have lost friends with this question."

Why? Because they're like rabbits, and once she says so, "the women gasp and scream like I've confessed that I shot my dog," Ali writes. "One of them always slams her fist down on the table; a woman's wine glass once smashed in her hand. I'm sorry! We're hot for each other. Jesus!"

Ali and George tied the knot 17 years ago, and it's certainly evident that the fire is still burning!

The couple has two daughters, Elliott and Harper, who probably did not want to know how often their parents are getting it on.

See the family together in the gallery above and shop her book below!

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