Twitter explodes at Taylor Swift's countrified Earth, Wind & Fire cover

That Taylor Swift — she always has a surprise up her fluttery sleeves. On April 12, she startled fans by nonchalantly posting on Instagram that she’d be dropping an unexpected cover single on Spotify, along with an alternate version of “Delicate.”

Taylor Swift (Photo: Isabel Infantes/PA Wire)
Taylor Swift (Photo: Isabel Infantes/PA Wire)

Swift tends to be selective with her recorded cover songs, so any one she decides upon would be an event. However, she went right for the top of the classics heap, opting to tackle one of the most recognizable soul-funk jams in history: Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September.”

That’s quite a thing to attempt, and attempt it she did, turning the 1978 dance-floor staple into a country-tinged, banjo-laced exercise, getting back to her Nashville roots.

The song, which features Maurice White’s famous “ba-dee-ya” chorus, is written flexibly enough to be catchy even in a completely different form. The lyrics are right up Swift’s alley — full of romance, souls singing, and cloudless days. And she even added a cute little personal twist, changing the line “Do you remember the 21st night of September?” to “28th night,” which hardcore Swifties quickly identified as the starting date of her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

However, social media reacted strongly, and, well, Swift-ly, with considerable questioning of whether it was disrespectful for the singer to mess around with a soul catalog treasure.

And, of course, there were those who simply thought the version was just plain bad.

Per usual, however, Swift also had her share of defenders, who dismissed the idea of disrespect and/or thought the cover wasn’t half-bad.

Despite that, we’re betting that Swift doesn’t attempt “Boogie Wonderland” any time soon.

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