Tyler Posey shares the truth about his role in 'Truth or Dare'


Actor Tyler Posey, best known for his role in "Teen Wolf," took to the BUILD Series stage recently to discuss his new horror movie, "Truth or Dare." He spoke about his love for the horror genre, dished about his character in the film as well as what it was like working with his co-star and "Pretty Little Liars" fan favorite Lucy Hale.

The 26-year-old star started off by sharing with the audience that he really loves horror movies. "My favorite movie is 'The Shining,' mostly for the directing aspect because I fell in love with directing and filmmaking as a whole and the creativity that goes behind it. I thought that movie was really creative in terms of camera placement and set-up."

"I am a horror fan, definitely. I love Blumhouse and their model and all of their movies. 'Paranormal Activity' is probably one of the scariest movies I've ever seen," Posey explained.

He continued by saying that "Truth or Dare" calls upon on a lot of the ridiculousness of the horror movie genre. "We kind of poke fun at ourselves and kind of put a member of the audience as one of the cast members. We kind of poke fun at the movie, it's such a ridiculous kind of story line."

He referenced "Scream" as an example of a movie that also did this kind of thing where they recognized themselves and nearly broke the fourth wall. So starring in Blumhouse Productions' "Truth or Dare" was very fitting for the actor because they took a little bit of that idea and adapted it into this movie.

Overall, the film's production was very short -- only 23 days! A lot of night shoots were put into works, and most days they didn't wrap until 7 A.M. the next day. "We worked hard on this little film and it looks like it. It was a really big passion project, I think, for everyone involved."

Posey plays Lucas Moreno, who gets involved at what seems like a harmless game of truth or dare with his friends. As the movie progresses, the stakes and consequences get higher and higher after the group of friends encounter a mysterious being that punishes those who fail to tell the truth or decline a dare.

On playing Moreno, Posey describes him as the character that every horror film needs. "He's not over the top, he's not one of the douchebag characters. I mean, he can be a douche in your eyes maybe, but he doesn't come across as douchey. He's like the stand out guy, the guy that everyone wants to be friends with, he looks out for everybody. But then later on in the movie, once all this crazy stuff starts happening, you could kind of see his veneer crack a little bit and he gets a little bit vulnerable and that cool guy thing he's got going on kind of fades a little bit."

Posey admired how genuine his role was and his overall demeanor throughout the course of the film's plotline. He also appreciated that there's a strong friendship bond between the characters who would sacrifice themselves for each other's survival.

One of those friends in the movie is Olivia, played by the talented Lucy Hale. Posey relished the opportunity to work with his co-star despite not knowing her well prior to this movie.

"She is such a leader. She was always down to do anything. She would always go all out on her performances. It was a tough shoot. Her character is constantly in turmoil and crying and shaking and screaming and she brought it in every single performance. She was a great leader on-set. It was really cool," Posey said.

Catch Tyler Posey in the new supernatural horror film, "Truth or Dare" in theaters starting Friday the 13th.