National Grilled Cheese Day 2018: Chrissy Teigen, Lea Michele, more stars who love the sandwich


Gooey goodness! National Grilled Cheese Day 2018 is finally upon Us. Fans of the delicious sandwich can honor this special holiday on Thursday, April 12, by indulging in a melty, mouthwatering treat.

Many celebrities are grilled cheese devotees too. Lea Michelegushed about them in June 2015, telling Us Weekly exclusively, “You’ll never hear anyone talk about food or enjoy food more than me. I love grilled cheese sandwiches.”

In November 2016, Bella Hadidposted a photo of the delectable eat on Instagram alongside the caption, “My meal everyday.”

Another supermodel who’s obsessed with the sandwich? Chrissy Teigen! “I love my Brie and cheddar, but a slice of American on a sandwich or grilled cheese is pretty delicious,” she told Esquire in August 2014. “There’s no need to be pretentious about your cheeses. There is room for all of them in this world.”

More fans of the cheesy goodness took to Twitter to celebrate the holiday.

“Today is national grilled cheese day. thank u to all the grilled cheese for being there,” one person joked. Another expressed her devotion to the sandwich by writing, “happy national grilled cheese day to my one true love, grilled cheese.”

Other tweeters marked the event by referencing Khloè Kardashian, who just gave birth to a baby girl days after her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, was caught allegedly cheating on her.

“Tristan may have cheated but at least Khloe can say her baby was born on National Grilled Cheese Day!!!!!” one person wrote. Added another: “It’s national grilled cheese day AND Khloe had her baby… it’s truly a blessed day.”

Treat yourself to a grilled cheese sandwich today and enjoy one of the best days of the year!

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