Jordan Rodgers leaves out brother Aaron in Siblings Day post: Pic

Jordan Rodgers made quite the statement on Tuesday, April 10, when he posted a photo to honor one of his brothers while excluding another.

The Bachelorette alum, 29, shared a photo for Siblings Day of him and older brother Luke Rodgers — however, their brother Aaron Rodgers was not mentioned at all. Jordan captioned the shot, “I’ve looked up to this guy since I was a little kid. He is the coolest, best dressed, has the biggest heart, lovable, best griller, little kid big brother I could ask for. Love you bro! Still jealous of your facial hair…” before jokingly adding, “#butnotthebodyhair.”

Fans quickly pointed out that posting a photo with one brother for Siblings Day while leaving another out could be a dig at the Green Bay Packers player, with many calling the move “savage.” One follower wrote, “Aaron has a lot on his shoulders right now considering he has the best arm in the history of football … Seeing this kind of stuff probably only cuts his wounds further. It’s time to step up and be the hero you always have been for your family and open your arms wife for Aaron.”

Luke responded, “I feel you bro. I too am so tired of keyboard warrior fan boys weighing in with worthless opinions on a private matter they know absolutely nothing about,” before quipping, “And never insult OUR great hair. You’re way out of bounds.”

Jordan and Luke, 36, have been estranged from Aaron after the NFL pro began dating Olivia Munn in 2014. Sources told Us Weekly at the time that their family rift began because the football player’s family didn’t trust the Office Christmas Party actress, which led Aaron to ultimately choose her over his family. His father, Ed Rodgers, spoke to The New York Times in January 2017, calling the situation “complicated” before adding the family was “hoping for the best.”

A source told Us in June 2017 that despite Aaron and the Predator actress breaking up, “Aaron still hasn’t been in contact with his family. His mom, Darla, has reached out to him multiple times in the last few months but hasn’t heard back from him.” He is currently datingDanica Patrick.

The family dispute was first mentioned on The Bachelorette in 2016, when Jordan was competing to win the heart of JoJo Fletcher — to whom he is now engaged. On one of the episodes of the hit ABC series, he warned Fletcher she most likely would not be meeting Aaron before cryptically saying, “Fame can change you.”

Aaron, for his part, briefly touched upon the issues with his family in an interview with ESPN The Magazine in August 2017, saying, “A lot of people have family issues. I’m not the only one that does.”