Eve says Janet Jackson came to her rescue when her drink was spiked at a party

With stories of sexual assault and misconduct pouring out of Hollywood’s boardrooms and sets, people are speaking up about the cinematic hub’s horrors as the fight for justice continues to gain momentum. On Monday’s episode of The Talk, co-host Eve shared a chilling moment she had early on in her career.

The Philadelphia native recalled the time she attended an awards show afterparty and was surrounded by people she knew within the industry. While she floated across the room, catching up with familiar individuals, the “Tambourine” rapper would leave her drink unattended. “Probably an hour after the last time I picked my drink up, I started feeling crazy and not drunk,” she stated. “I knew immediately something was different.”

Eve then notified the person she arrived at the party with that something was wrong but was told that she was just inebriated and to calm down. The 39-year-old entertainer then broke down in tears and struggled to regain her composure because she knew someone spiked her drink.

She then heard a “really soft voice” that sounded familiar until she turned around to see it was Janet Jackson. The Control singer consoled Eve and told her calmly, “I got this. Don’t worry, relax, calm down.” The pair formed a lifelong friendship from that moment.