CBS allegedly using NDAs to hush Charlie Rose sexual misconduct allegations: Report


CBS News executives are allegedly "terrified" about a long-in-the-works Washington Post exposé on ousted "60 Minutes" host Charlie Rose -- and are concerned that they'll be implicated themselves, according to Page Six.

The network has allegedly utilized non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, in an attempt to silence individuals who could potentially go on the record for the supposed upcoming story. Executives have reportedly threatened CBS staffers that the network will legally enforce the NDAs.

In fact, a CBS source is quietly accusing the network of hypocrisy for publicly celebrating Stormy Daniels' decision to break her NDA while privately hushing its own employees.

Rose was fired in November 2017 after eight women described alleged sexual harassment and misconduct in a bombshell Washington Post piece. Among the executives reportedly "waiting for the other shoe to drop" are Chris Licht, the former "CBS This Morning" executive producer who hired Rose in the first place; Jeff Fager and Ryan Kadro, both executive producers at the network; and CBS News president David Rhodes.

Those men in particular are "hoping they’re not named in the story,” a source told the outlet, adding that CBS is "trying to suppress [the story] by using the NDAs.”

In a statement after the firing, Rhodes called the alleged behavior "disturbing and intolerable."

The incidents described in the original story took place between the 1990s and 2011 and accused Rose of actions like groping and walking around naked. It is unknown if additional allegations would be included in the supposed upcoming piece.