Amal Clooney’s mom weighs in on her party girl days


While Amal Clooney may be an international human rights lawyer who also graces the cover of American Vogue and has married Hollywood's notorious bachelor, she was once just like you and me.

After getting candid in her first Vogue cover story, Amal's mom Baria Alamuddin, spoke out about her daughter's party girl past. “All my family, we are party animals. Amal partied hard and worked hard.”

Alamuddin also talked about the times Amal would steal from her closet. “She would come and grab a series of shoes and bags and whatever, I’d say, ‘What are you doing?’ She’d give me this legal argument that went on and on.”

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Amal's Vogue May 2018 issue comes out just in time for her latest role co-hosting the Met Gala next month.

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