Donald Glover stayed in whiteface the entire time on set during the filming of latest 'Atlanta' episode

Donald Glover continues to blow the minds of fans with the Robbin' Season series of Atlanta on FX. In the latest episode (April 5), another bizarre turn was the introduction of the eccentric Teddy Perkins, who was actually played by Glover himself, according to actor Derrick Haywood. Speaking to Vulture, Haywood -- who portrayed Benny Hope in the show -- confirmed that Donald stayed in character as Perkins throughout the entire episode's filming on set.

In the commercial-free episode's credits, it vaguely states that the creepy Teddy Perkins was played by "Himself." “Initially, I had no idea that Teddy Perkins was actually played by Donald Glover," Haywood says. "The director [Hiro Murai] called ‘Teddy’ over [on set] and said, ‘Let’s see what Teddy thinks.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, who is this Teddy guy and why is his opinion so important?’ When I say this guy was in character the whole time, it was just amazing the commitment he brought. We were calling him Teddy, he acted as Teddy -- there was no Donald on set whatsoever."

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Fans speculated that Donald was the one behind the eerie Teddy Perkins mask, and as you would expect, some couldn't shake the traumatic visual. Others expressed how spooked out and uncomfortable they were made by Glover's transformation and wheezy voice on social media.

Check out a group of Twitter reactions to the 34-year-old's implementation of whiteface below.